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Soft Layer Roti

Layered roti is one of the tasty flatbread of India. If you are bored with just plain chapatti, just by adding some oil and spices and making layers, it can become tasty crispy and flaky roti. Layered roti can be made in triangular, round or square shapes. After cooking you can see several separate layers. The outer layers are crisp while the inner layers are soft.

Layered roti is prepared with whole wheat flour dough. A small portion of dough is rolled in a circle then butter or oil is spread all over then circle, to make it spicy you can sprinkle salt and red chili powder then fold it into semi-circle then spread oil or butter and spices and fold again to give the layers then it is rolled into desired shape. After rolling the roti is partially cooked on a hot cast iron griddle and then cooked directly over high heat. Once the roti is cooked they are lightly coated with ghee and immediately crumpled (by clapping it) to release the layers and served with any dal or vegetable curries.


Wheat Aatta, Refined Ground Nut Oil